Our City Vintage Information Guide

(Table of Contents)

  1. Products & Pricing

  2. Measurements / Sizing Guide

  3. Secure Payments

  4. Shipping Information

  5. Tracking Your Package

  6. Clothing Care

  7. Return Policies


1. Products

We have picked through thousands and thousands of items, bringing you the best vintage clothing that you actually care about.

- Vintage clothing items come for the pop-culture of yesteryear & have been transformed into a culture of their own today!

- These items have remained relevant through time and represent more than just clothing, but a way of life...

* All products are presumed light/gently used in good overall condition, unless otherwise stated in the description. 


 2. Measurements

With a wide variety of vintage styles and because of the different eras of clothing we find, tag sizes can be misleading or out of date with the sizing of today.

- 3 simple measurements below will give you a better understanding of how the clothing will fit.

* We provide measurements at the bottom of every individual products' page for each item.

- Sizing Guide -

Top To Bottom

- Measurements are taken from the seam of the collar to the bottom of the shirt.

* When an item has extra length in the back of the jersey/shirt, we'll include that information in the "Top to Bottom" portion of the measurements.

Pit To Pit

 Measurements are taken from the bottom of the armpit to the bottom seam of the other armpit.

Sleeve Length

Measurements are taken from the bottom seam of the armpit, to the bottom of the cuff at the very end of the sleeve.

Feel Free to CONTACT us for more measurements if needed! 



3. Secure Payments

We understand how nerve wracking it can be to put your sensitive information on the web. 

- We take your protection very seriously, and have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure your online shopping security! 

- An SSL Certificate ensures that sensitive content, such as credit card information, is safe and secure for the web user. 


 4. Shipping Information

Domestic Shipping

- We ship everything through the USPS and depending on the weight of the package, we'll ship either Priority Mail Flat Rate or First-Class Mail.

* Priority Mail can be delivered in 1-3 days, depending on the delivery destination.

* First-Class Mail takes approximately 3-5 days, depending on the delivery destination.


International Shipping

Shipping internationally poses other difficulties because of the significantly different shipping prices throughout the world. 

- To combat this, we only offer a $40 medium flat rate shipping box through USPS Priority Mail International Shipping. 

* International customers who are interested in purchasing something and know it won't cost $40 to ship, Click here to contact Our City Vintage to make specific shipping arrangements.


 5. Tracking Your Package

When your package is shipped, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Our City Vintage. In this e-mail, there will be a tracking code like the one you see below from the USPS.



 6. Clothing Care

Vintage clothing can be delicate and the graphics can be damaged by normal washing and dying.

* Please use caution while washing your new garment. 

Simple Clothing Care: 

1. Wash in cold water: (less chance of clothing bleed) 

2. Dry for 5-10 minutes: (removes wrinkles) 

3. Hang to dry: (won't shrink or damage the graphics) 

4. Enjoy: (the most rewarding part!) 


 7. Returns 

We strive to make your experience with us as good as we possibly can every time. 

We're sorry things didn't work out, please feel free to contact us to work out a return. 

* Since we offer free shipping on all domestic products, the buyer will pay the return shipping fees.